After receiving a B.S. in Business Information Systems from Lehigh in 2007, Peter worked for Ernst & Young in Manhattan as a Data Analyst/ IT Auditor performing data analyses, data mining and manipulation, vendor payment optimizations, IT SOX audits, and IT security reviews.

Peter then worked as Senior Operations Executive for JOE GREEN Home Solutions, a startup energy audit firm in Salem, Massachusetts performing operations, marketing, public relations, finance, and IT functions.

Next, Peter worked for Protiviti as an IT Consultant specializing in PCI assessments, vulnerability assessments, and penetration tests.

In mid-2012, Peter started a consultancy providing IT and business services including business analysis and strategy, business process optimization, e-commerce strategy, web development, SEO/SMO, database design, CRM/ERP selection and configuration, information security, and data analysis.

Review notes from past clients define Peter as an ‘intellectual powerhouse’ and a ‘true professional’ with strengths in clear and effective communication, in being resourceful and a self-starter, and in having a ‘genuine interest in complete customer satisfaction’.  Additional feedback highlights Peter’s uncanny ‘ability to zoom in and out’ of different business processes, ‘whether business, technical, or operational, and [improve] them to cut costs and reduce the time needed to complete.’

Armed with a solid background in information technology and business, Peter is highly equipped to perform a multitude of functions.  Peter’s experience across a wide range of industries and his exposure to numerous business models has augmented his ability to analyze complex business problems and implement effective solutions.

Some of Peter's achievements:

  • Developed advanced SQL Stored Procedures and Excel macro to automate the quarterly SOX User Access Recertification. Reduced average execution time from 2 days to 3 hours. Transferred knowledge and responsibility for enumerating new user access to OSD team through the creation of procedure document, training, and mock exercises with team members to ensure successful transfer of process ownership and proper use of automated tools to ensure accurate identification of new SQL/Oracle access created over the past quarter.
  • Created automated tool to enable managers to look up access request tickets and corresponding approval evidence. After the user uploads a list of usernames and systems via PHP webpage, the tool returns the corresponding Service-Now request item numbers and approval evidence links. Prior to the creation of the tool, users had to manually enter each username/system combination one at a time and click through multiple links to acquire the information required by audit. The tool allows the user to perform an automatic search of multiple users simultaneously.
  • Analyzed SQL DBA support tickets and reported statistics including time that tickets remain open and distribution of affected business services and core applications. Report results prompted the consolidation of AD Groups and other necessary access modifications.
  • Performed User Access Recertification of critical business application to confirm properly applied policies, procedures, and workflows. For each user, conducted interviews to understand the business need for their access and assess whether access privileges were adequate. Resulting action included submittal of access modification requests in Service-Now to the Access Management team and confirmation that access was appropriately.
  • In line with company drive for further integration of Service-Now, development proposals included form field additions, addition of intelligence such as dependent drop-down menus, automated reminders/notifications, and integration with Outlook.
  • Created system access and request policies and procedures with impact for all systems and personnel.
  • Created assessment guidelines and work instructions for generic/ shared accounts for inclusion in the corporate Master Policy Database. Work instructions included account enumeration and permissions listing, account owner identification, delineation of system vs. user accounts, documentation of the need for each generic account, its use, how the password is secured from unauthorized use, how often the password is changed, and how accountability is maintained.
  • Reduced average time from RFQ to quote submission from 4 days to 2 days.
  • Reduced daily time spent on business activities from 8 hours to 1 hour.
  • Improved internal PCI Assessment Tool.
  • Reduced time spent on weekly administrative tasks from 1.5 days to .5 days.
  • Secured first bid rights to new jobs.
  • Secured contract to weatherize Salem homes.
  • Developed Pricing Tool for use in job cost estimations. Improved accuracy of job forecasting by 70%.
  • Reduced time to perform residential energy audit from 2 hours to 1 hour.
  • Developed relationship with the government of Salem, MA to establish Joe Green Home Solutions as the premier energy audit firm of Salem.
  • Developed automated process using OCR technology to digitize client documents and perform random sample selection process reducing time needed from 2 days to 1 hour.
  • Designed macros to automate client data file formatting and preparation for import into ACL, Excel, SQL databases. Reduced time needed from 1 hour to 15 minutes.
  • Created automated DQA import/export, analysis, and visual reporting tools reducing timeframe from 5 days to 1 day.
  • Wrote proposal for alternative housing for team reducing costs by $10K.
  • Analyzed AP data for major law firm, WLRK, and optimized vendor payments for a savings of $1M per year.
  • Designed enhanced SAP access configurations. Reduced time needed from 15 hours to 8 hours.
  • Increased ‘units per hour’ output of medical test strips by 70%.
  • Decreased the average time taken to reach the customers’ desired service option from 8 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Reported fix suggestions to Tech Department. All suggestions have been implemented.

Industries served:

Agriculture, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer Products, Corporate Services, Electronics, Energy, Entertainment, Fashion, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Legal, Manufacturing, Media, Medical, Nonprofit, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Retail, Technology.

Clients served:

Advance Group, Aptuit, Association of Christian-Parent Educators of Québec (ACPEQ), Bose, Canon, Colorado Infectious Diseases Society of America (COIDSA), Conair, CVS, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), National Starch & Chemical, One Call Medical, OraSure Technologies, Phillips Van-Heusen (PVH), Siemens, SL Green, Sony, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, The Walt Disney Company, Tishman Speyer Properties (TSP), Univision, Vonage, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (WLRK).


Peter did a fantastic job will under my employ at Joe Green. He is always able to see things in a bigger picture, and to work well with other colleagues to achieve any goal that is put in front of him. His communication skill are first rate, and it is always easy to give him direction, allow him to work with a team with little supervision, and trust that the task will be accomplished. Peter is also a very quick study, and can pick up difficult concepts very quickly. I highly recommend Peter, and I know that he will be successful no matter what he puts his mind to.less
August 3, 2013, Chris managed Peter at Joe Green Home Solutions, Inc.


In a start-up environment employees are regularly asked to do things that do not necessarily fall under their job description. Peter was rarely asked to do something out of his job description because he took the initiative to do it first. A perfect example was when we were discussing the use of an open source CRM, the conversation resulted in decision to use vTiger CRM. The next day Peter had it up and running and by the end of the week he had it completely configured and working the way we wanted. We did not ask him to take it on, he just did. And it wasn’t like he just put it together he really understood it, which to me was really amazing because prior to the meeting he had not worked with anything like this, he read up on it, figured it out, implemented it, and then on top of all that became the resident expert, if you had a question about it he had the answer. I highly recommend Peter as a great addition to any team.less
June 23, 2014, Vatche managed Peter indirectly at Joe Green Home Solutions, Inc.


Peter’s ability to zoom in and out of a process, from a high-level overview down to the technical details of each step, gives him an advantage when it comes to process improvement. Peter has a knack for reviewing existing processes, whether business, technical, or operational, and improving them to cut costs and reduce the time needed to complete.
August 4, 2013, Shilpan worked directly with Peter at Protiviti (Robert Half International (RHI) subsidiary)


Peter is a true professional and excellent IT consultant. His attention to detail and his genuine interest in complete customer satisfaction has led me to recommend and use his services more than once. He follows through on tasks, he provides clear project objectives, ensuring that those meet with the client’s goals and needs, and his excellent follow-up and communication skills make him stand out. It is a true pleasure to work with Peter and I recommend him to anyone looking for an IT professional!less
May 27, 2014, Andrea worked directly with Peter at Process Efficiency Consulting Services